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Seismic modeling

In this lecture mathematical solutions for some problems of wave propagation in elastic media are presented. The lectures are in english language. Lecture notes are distributed to the students.

In the programming exercises the students write Bash shell scripts and Fortran programs to simulate wave propagation on computers with a Linux operating system.

Objectives of the Lectures

Objectives of the TD (programming exercises)

Practise to use the Emacs text editor controlled by the keyboard (no mouse).

Use the Linux command line interface of a terminal window to navigate fast on the file system and to start programs (no file manager, no icons, no mouse clicks, no drag and drop).

Write Bash shell scripts. Programming the shell allows to use a Unix computer efficiently for example to pre-process large data sets.

Write Fortran programs to illustrate some of the topics presented in the lecture, which helps to obtain a better understanding of the theory. Fortran is a scientific programming language with a rather simple syntax. It can be used to solve standard numerical problems efficiently.

Learn how to write structured programs in a modular way, to invoke the compiler and practise to debug and test software.

See the following web page: scientific computing.

Content of Lectures and TD Modélisation Sismique

no. course TD
1 Vibroseismics Unix commands 1
2 Unix command line Unix commands 2
3 Seismic anisotropy 1 Shell scripts 1
4 Bash shell scripts Shell scripts 2
5 Seismic anisotropy 2 Shell scripts 3
6 Seismic anisotropy 3
7 Fortran Fortran 1
8 CC Fortran 2
9 Waves in fractured media Fortran 3
10 Radiation from point sources Fortran 4
11 Ray method Fortran 5
12 Waves in a borehole Fortran 6


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